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Lushomes Hammam Light Yellow Fouta Towel Cotton Multipurpose Towel With Fringes (76 x 152 cms, Single Pc). - Lushomes

Lushomes Towels for Bath, Hammam Light Yellow Beach Fouta Towel Cotton Multipurpose Towel with Fringes, (76 x 152 cms, Single Pc).

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Treat yourself after a nice, relaxing bath. The cherry on the top is wrapping yourself in a soft towel to dry yourself. However, if you have a bulky, rough towel, that sheds everywhere, your amazing bathing experience can be completely ruined. So, why ruin your me-time, when there is a simple solution – use our Lushomes Hammam Towel instead. For a thousand years, Turkey has perfected the art of taking a bath in their hammams. The amazing bathing rituals we perform today, mostly originate from Turkey in fact. Made from the softest and luxurious cotton. We have created the perfect hammam towel to enhance your bathing experience! But, what makes our hammam towels so special? 1) Made in India, These towels are made in india taking inspirations from the tuekish Hammam towels. 2) These are Highly absorbent and Fast Drying Towels. 3) They get Softer with everywash. 4) Your best Travel Companion. 5) 100% Pure Cotton

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