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Lushomes Ultra Absorbent 10 pcs floor cleaning duster (Size: 18"x18") - Lushomes

Lushomes Kitchen Towel, Ultra Absorbent Beige Floor Cleaning Duster, towels for kitchen use, kitchen products (Size: 18x18 inches, 10 pcs)

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Clean and tidy is what you totally deserve, and you are bound to get what you deserve with these traditional floor cleaners exclusively available at lushomes. These floor dusters help you swipe and wipe your homes to beauty. These packs are made of 100% Cotton making any surface easy to clean. They can used on both wet and dry surface. A shinning house with a smiling you.1)Super absorbent Floor cleaners2)Size: 18"x18" (Pack of 10)3)100 % Multi-purpose towels.4)Usable indoors and Outdoors as well.5)Exclusively available at lushomes.

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