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Lushomes Super Absorbent & Soft Red Cotton Kitchen Tea Dish Hand Towel Rags Linen Set (13" x 22, Pack of 3) - Lushomes

Lushomes Kitchen Towels, Super Absorbent and Soft Red Napkins for Hand Towels, tea towels kitchen, towels for kitchen use (13" x 22”, Pack of 3)

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We truly believe, “A clean home is always a happy home”. Lushomes kitchen towel makes any surface easy to clean and also gives utensils the shine they deserve. These packs of kitchen towels come in a unique color combination with one pc of Uni waffle plus one pc of checks waffle and one pc waffle stripes. Keep calm because we will keep your houses clean. We have these kitchen towels in 3 different combinations: red, blue and black.

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