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Why Does Your Dining Table Need Placemats?

One of the many signs of adulting is when you start using Table Placemats instead of directly putting your plates on the table. Honestly, maintaining furniture and especially a dining table ain’t an easy job. Everybody wants to preserve the shiny wood & gleaming glass tabletops and that’s exactly why your dining table needs placemats.
Placemats not only protect your furniture but the right pick & placement can instantly light up your entire dining area. Placemats are a great way of introducing some colour & prints to your house. You must check out some of the best placemats on Lushomes. We have perfect placemats for the dining table.

How to choose the right Dinning Table placemat?

The art of choosing the right placemat ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. And that is exactly where our guide comes in handy. Every occasion and purpose demands a different type of placemat. They come in many sizes, shapes, colours, materials that are suitable for a different set of events. 
What you need to keep in mind while picking the placemats for your table is also the size & shape of the furniture.  Figure out your purpose of the use. It could be to entertain your guests, advertise a product, add an element to the decoration or everyday use. Once your purpose is sorted, you can opt for your best pick from the wide variety available online as well as offline. 


Styles of the Table Placemats

There is a wide array of placemats to buy available depending on their styles. Here sharing details to make your life easier. You can buy these from Ellementry.

1) Ribbed Cotton Table Placemats: 

Ribbed Placemats are a staple for every kitchen table, breakfast nook, and dinner table. Made of 100% cotton, these placemats have been a favorite for years. They are constructed of five ply cotton, making them thick enough to protect your table from spills and burns

2) PVC Table Placemats:

This decorative Placemat which lights up your mood and gives your table a total transformation.  These placemats which have a self-design and stripes can make you fall in love with them. Basket weave texture which keep crockery and cutlery intact.

3) Jacquard Decorative Table Placemat:

Give yourself a total royal makeover with our ultra-lush jacquard Placemats with an ecstatic design. The weave sets your table apart and makes any meal super delicious. As the new 'eating out' is staying in, make sure your table is dressed to perfection.

4) Reversible Fringe Table Placemats:

Your house is a mere reflection of you. Add the touch of class to your table with these extravagant placemats with unique fringes that will leave your guests bowled over. Brighten your lives with these striking table aceesories which are a total value for money. Cause you genuinely deserve it.

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